Vensmile R8 $50 64bit Octa-core RK3368 TV Box with 4K@60fps H265 and Kodi15.2

Posted by Gennie – November 4, 2015

Vensmile R8 is an Android TV Box powered by 64bit Rockchip RK3368 Octa-core ARM Cortex-A53, runs Android 5.1 Lollipop and comes pre-installed with Kodi15.2, HDMI2.0, plays back H265 4K@60fps. With Gigabit Ethernet, 2.4G WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, 2GB RAM and 8GB Flash, sample price at $55, price can be around or below $50 for over 100pcs bulk order.

Distributors can contact Vensmile here:
Cherry Mo, Sales Manager
Skype: vissonsales015
Mobile: +86 18617132669 (works with Whatsapp/Wechat)

  • nina

    And such a ugly box…

    Rockship still on the run? Most box now run amlogic chipset

  • Mo Cherry

    this is rockchip i think, and RK is also regarded the same level as amlogic

  • Mo Cherry

    BOTH of them have big markets now. Amlogic has newest S905 to compete Rockchip 3368, Amlogic S805/802/812 with RK3188/3288,etc. they are develop new things all the time