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Rohan Shravan gives an update on Notion Ink at CES 2011

Posted by Charbax – January 7, 2011

CEO and founder of Notion Ink shows the Pixel Qi version of his Nvidia Tegra2 tablet. Explains what his company has been working on and documenting on the development of an awesome dual-mode dual-core Android tablet. This tablet is due to be shipping now soon to customers who can pre-order their tablets on

Motorola Atrix 4G

Posted by Charbax – January 6, 2011

Here's an interview with the Product manager on Motorola Atrix 4G, Seang Chau, where he talks about how it was designed and how it works. This may be the coolest ARM Powered device ever shown at CES, Motorola promotes this as a full Laptop replacement! Yeah!

Microsoft shows full Windows for ARM Powered devices

Posted by Charbax – January 6, 2011

Check this out. This is the full Windows on ARM platforms developed by Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and Nvidia. Microsoft demonstrates a recompiled version of Microsoft Office for ARM, some other apps, talks about how it will support all the apps on ARM, this is awesome.

Honeycomb user interface demo

Posted by Charbax – January 6, 2011

I'm not really supposed to try to film this, but here it is. I try to click around in this pre-release Honeycomb Motorola Xoom tablet pre-production prototype instead of only letting it play the animated prepared UI videos from the gallery. Google is doing some awesome work in making software optimized for tablets. Like Archos has been doing it, they decided there's no need for hardware Android buttons on Tablets. Other aspects of this UI suggests UI design that's really being designed for high resolution touch screen devices.

Nvidia Project Denver

Posted by Charbax – January 6, 2011

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announces Nvidia Project Denver. Nvidia is investing big time in ARM Processor development. As Tegra1 and Tegra2 have already been quite huge contribution to the ARM ecosystem, now Nvidia is announcing it's next big project called Project Denver, to build ARM Processors not only for Mobile Computing applications, but also for full desktop computing, cloud computing servers and even for super computers.

Nvidia’s Mike Rayfield talks Project Denver, Tegra2 devices

Posted by Charbax – January 6, 2011

Do you wonder what's the status of software on the Toshiba AC100, what delayed Tegra2 devices, what to expect from Nvidia Project Denver? Mike Rayfield, General Product Manager of the mobile business unit at Nvidia provides some informations on these things and more. I'll look for much more informations at the manufacturers booths in the coming days.

Toshiba Tegra2 Tablet at CES 2011

Posted by Charbax – January 5, 2011

Unnamed for now, it'll be released once Honeycomb is open sourced and available for others than Motorola for implementation. It's got a 1280x800 capacitive 10.1" touch screen, 5 megapixel camera and more. It's being developed by a different group at Toshiba than the one working on the Folio-100 tablet that I filmed at IFA about 4 months ago.

Nvidia Tegra2 ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core performance for web browsing

Posted by Charbax – November 13, 2010

Here's a demonstration showing that the second core in ARM Cortex-A9 processors allow for at least 50% performance improvement for such applications as the web browser in Android.

Mark Shuttleworth loves the Toshiba AC100

Posted by Charbax – November 1, 2010

The CEO of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth, highlighted ARM Servers by Smooth-stone and Tegra2 Powered Toshiba AC100 at his keynote speech at the Ubuntu Developer Conference. He mentions the cool work done to port Ubuntu 10.10 to it: Hopefully Nvidia, Canonical people and the open source community will bring about full hardware acceleration for all aspects of Ubuntu 10.10 on this ARM Cortex-A9 laptop design.

Found via: Nvidia explains Tegra 2 tablets delay

Posted by Charbax – September 27, 2010

CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, recently said at their GPU technology conference that some of the reason for Tegra 2 tablets delay has been the OS and software integration (my guess: possibly something to do with optimizing existing Android source code for Nvidia's ARM Cortex A9), that several companies have needed to collaborate to reach "Windows 95" level in terms of software integration, once the investment has been made to realize the horizhontal infrastructure behind these upcoming tablet, it will allow for the fast innovation curve that's about to arrive when hundreds of companies can innovate faster in the tablet market. He hopes the Tegra 2 tablets will arrive to market by the end of the year, they are in the "home stretch".

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