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AmLogic AML8726-MX dual-core announced

Posted by Charbax – April 23, 2012

Here is the press release:

AML8726-MX Family Combines 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore™ processor and Multi-Core MaliTM-400 MP GPU to Provide Industry-Leading Performance, Low Power and Reduced System Cost.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-April.09, 2012-Amlogic, a leading fabless semiconductor company providing solutions for advanced consumer products, today announced the availability of its newest high-performance system on chip (SoC) family, the AML8726-MX. These new SoCs are powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor, a multi-core ARM Mali-400 MP GPU, Amlogic's industry proven HD video engine, and advanced security technology. The AML8726-MX family supports a wide variety of open-source environments and provides processing power for state-of-the-art gaming, Over The Top (OTT) video playback, new app stores that are increasingly providing content and applications, and can be used at the heart of any connected display device.

Amlogic has been a leading supplier to the advanced application processor market for many years; the AML8726-MX reconfirms the company’s position. This new family of dual-core products includes advanced technology, such as ARM TrustZone® security technology and NEON™ SIMD technology to provide enhanced security, gaming, image and audio processing. During their development, a close cooperation with its partners allowed Amlogic’s engineers to design a hardened Cortex-A9 processor-based SoC operating at speeds above 1.5GHz while using a 40nm low power process. The AML8726-MX family provides Amlogic’s customers with one of the industry’s most cost effective yet highest performance solutions.

“We are pleased to introduce our 3rd generation Cortex-A9 processor-based devices and deliver a solution to the dual-core segment that would require many of our competitors to use a tri-core design.” said John Zhong, CEO of Amlogic. “Our new AML8726-MX family of processors sets the standard that others have to follow; yet again Amlogic has established itself as a market leader not only from an integration and power perspective, but also raw CPU and graphics performance. We are confident that the AML8726-MX family will maintain our leading supplier position to the connected display segment.”

"Amlogic has already established a reputation as an innovative supplier of ARM technology-based solutions," said Mike Inglis, chief commercial officer, ARM. "The combination of the energy-efficient ARM Cortex-A9 processors and Mali-400 GPUs alongside Amlogic’s own IP and system design expertise has resulted in a SoC that enables a rich media experience. This is particularly suitable for Over The Top (OTT) delivery, 3D Gaming and other Internet applications, all of which are key to the future growth of the tablet, set-top-box and smart-TV markets.”

Amlogic's new AML8726-MX chips are available now for sampling and AndroidTM 4.0.3 ICS OS-based reference development platforms will be available in late April 2012.
Highlights of the AML 8726-MX family include:

◆A dual-core Cortex-A9 processor achieving over 7500 DMIPS of performance

◆Direct to panel connection with advanced scaling, de-interlacing and picture quality enhancement

◆Industry leading power management technology to extend battery life in mobile applications

◆The ability to run Android 4.0 (ICS), Linux 3.X, OpenGL ES 2.0

Connectivity options provided by the AML8726-MX include 10/100/1000 Ethernet, two USB interfaces, 3-in-1 Card Reader, Analog and digital video outputs, LVDS and TCON with backlight control, digital video and camera interfaces, software driver support for popular external WiFi chipsets.

Sowill Technology Park shows Freescale and AmLogic tablet designs

Posted by Charbax – April 23, 2012

Out of the Shenzhen University, they are showing some tablet designs based on the Freescale and AmLogic processors.

Action shows tablets at the Canton Fair

Posted by Charbax – April 21, 2012

They are showing an original 9.7" Tablet casing design.

Gadmei Tablets at the Canton Fair

Posted by Charbax – April 21, 2012

Gadmei shows interesting 8" 1280x800 and 1280x768 tablets powered by the AmLogic single-core ARM Cortex-A9 platform.

Zenithink ST-Ericsson U8500 3G 7″ 1024×600 Tablet for $150

Posted by Charbax – March 15, 2012

Zenithink shows their new ST-Ericsson U8500 Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 based tablet designed by ontim with a built-in 3G HSPA+ modem, bluetooth, WiFi, and a decent 1024x600 screen resolution. The price is $150 for an order of at least 1000 units. They also show a $65 AmLogic based Android set-top-box with a built-in DVB-T tuner.

RightFriend Electronics Technology shows ARM and x86 tablets

Posted by Charbax – March 15, 2012

RightFriend Electronics Technology shows some Freescale i.MX51/53 based tablets, AmLogic and some x86 based Windows 7 tablets.

RealPlay shows $60-$90 1.5Ghz ICS Set-top-boxes

Posted by Charbax – March 9, 2012

Right now they are showing it with the AmLogic Single-core ARM Cortex-A9 but the pricing they are talking about is using a Dual-core 1.5Ghz processor which they have yet to confirm the chip maker.

NDS Snowflake Set-top-box user interface demo

Posted by Charbax – January 25, 2012

Using the AmLogic single-core ARM Cortex-A9 with Mali-400 graphics, here is a showcase of the NDS Snowflake Set-top-box user interface on top of Android. NDS recently won the TV Innovation Award for this ARM Powered Set-top-box user interface.

Blue Times shows $50 HiSilicon 3716 and AmLogic 8726 ARM Cortex-A9 Android Set-top-box

Posted by Charbax – January 16, 2012

Blue Times uses the Huawei HiSilicon single-core 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 as well as the single-core AmLogic ARM Corte-A9 for their Android Set-top-box.

Zenithink shows Android 4.0 ICS on AmLogic tablets

Posted by Charbax – January 15, 2012

Zenithink shows $90 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 capacitive 7" tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich support ($80 for resistive), minimum order is just 50 pieces, the 10.1" is $160, 7" 1024x600 for $120.