Shenzhen Sourcing Service

The Sourcing Service package provides you with this:

From me:
1. You get 1-hour of my time minimum, you can choose if you want to video-chat with me or to have me answer your questions on email or both. Or even you can meet me in person in Shenzhen or at any of the conferences that I attend for a 1-hour discussion about your business ideas by a coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

From my Shenzhen sourcing team*:
2. Unlimited amount of emails with my Shenzhen based Sourcing experts, their interest is to get you to the best possible factory for the exact things that you would like to import to any country. The Sourcing Team takes a commission on your purchase which is negotiable and depends on many things but here is a guideline:
- Orders above $100'000 cost a 3% commission to the Shenzhen Sourcing Team
- Orders above $500'000 cost a 2% commission to the Shenzhen Sourcing Team
- Orders above $1'000'000 cost 1.5% commission (or below, to negociate) to the Shenzhen Sourcing Team

3. If you decide to come to Shenzhen to visit the factory, the Sourcing Team can guide you around, translate for you and help you get appointments with the CEOs of the different factories that you may be considering. We can also provide advice for hotel and transportation to come to Shenzhen and to move around in Shenzhen.

* I, Charbax, the founder of, may also be involved in points 2. and 3., but it is not guaranteed that I am in Shenzhen at the time you may need my help there, I may be busy while I am in Shenzhen, I cannot guarantee that I would provide unlimited support over emails myself, but my Shenzhen Sourcing Team will do their best. If I am in Shenzhen when you would like to meet me there, I would probably be happy to meet you for dinner together with some of the staff on my sourcing team. Please only apply if you are serious about finding something to import in a timely manner or if you can be satisfied with just getting direct support from me and my team to get an overview of your business opportunities in Shenzhen based on the types of businesses that you do or that you want to do.

The main purpose of this service package is to help the bulk device buyers (people/companies who import more than 100 devices from Shenzhen to any region in the world), importers, distributors from around the world who want my help and my sourcing team's help to see if we can support you to get to the best deals out of Shenzhen at the moment. But this service can also be useful for these other use cases:

- Are you doing a market study? We may have some insights and ideas that can help your company.
- Are you a blog or media outlet who wants support to make videos in Shenzhen and to visit factories? This service is also perfect for you.
- Have you become rich because you have watched my videos over the past years or months and that has already helped your company make good decisions for devices to import to your country? Do you just want to show your appreciation and support me to be able to afford to video-blog more and better videos at more events, and for me to afford to visit Shenzhen even more often? You are very welcome to show your appreciation by buying this support package and we can still video-chat anytime you want to talk and who knows maybe I can give you some new good ideas for some new opportunities for you to consider.

There is no guarantee that I know everything or that we will be able to get you exactly what you want. But we will do our best. What you get is what you have seen me do on the videos on Please do not expect to be able to get a refund if this service turns out to not satisfy your exact expectations.

Does this sound good? You can go ahead right now and pay the $500 to start your Shenzhen Sourcing support service:

To pay the $500 one-time fee to start your Shenzhen Sourcing Service:

Once you have paid the $500 sourcing package fee, you will be contacted, or you can contact me at to choose a time that you would like to do a video-call with me, if you want the sourcing team to be on the call, that may also be possible. Once you have paid the sourcing fee, you can just go ahead and email your questions to me at

Do you need help/advice sourcing bulks of devices out of Shenzhen? You can now get support and sourcing service from me and from my new team of experts in Shenzhen to connect you with the best prices, the best quality, the most reliable Shenzhen factories making Tablets, HDMI Sticks, Smartphones, Laptops, Wearables and any of the other emerging devices from the Shenzhen tech market.

For a fixed fee of $500, you can talk to me on video-chat (Google Hangout or Skype) for at least 1 hour at a time of your choosing, I'll tell you what I know for what you want to know, and you get to be connected by emails with my staff of sourcing experts here in Shenzhen. We will do our best to get you to the best possible prices/features for the devices that you are looking to import into any country in the world.

Have you been looking at all my videos and checked the business cards visible to $20/year members, but you are still unsure which factory is the best for what you want? Do you want ideas for devices to sell? Do you want my opinions on what may be best for your market? Do you want to ask me questions and do you need my advice on email? This is the service for you.