Ben Parr at LeWeb 2011

Posted by – December 10, 2011

Ben Parr was an editor at now he's going to do something new. He did a presentation with LOLcats at LeWeb on the main stage:

I was on Twit!

Posted by – December 10, 2011

You can see me starting at 9 minutes 45 seconds time code in following Twit Live video recorded at LeWeb 2011, I'm interviewed by Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane! This video features some of my talk about Switzerland legalizing piracy, France implementing the global licence to legalize piracy, Archos, my headmounted Kopin Golden-i computer, live stream and augmented video-blogging system.

Source: recorded video on

I'll post the YouTube embed if Twit and LeWeb release it separately on YouTube.

Google Display Advertising, status of Truview, ad exchange networking, youtube monetization

Posted by – December 10, 2011

Google's display advertising business is growing very fast. On YouTube they are implementing TruView technology that allows only good ads to be displayed to the right target audience, and more. CEO Gabe Rivera at LeWeb 2011

Posted by – December 10, 2011 is the most influential tech news aggregation website. Gabe Rivera is the founder and CEO, his team has made algorithms and tools for listing the latest most relevant and interested technology stories from all the blogs, news sources, social media and more. I ask him about how it decides what is most relevant, if customizations options should be provided to provide personalized techmeme output.

My interview with MG Siegler at LeWeb 2011

Posted by – December 10, 2011

He's Apple fanboy number 1, check here for some of his impressions on Google vs Apple. at LeWeb 2011

Posted by – December 9, 2011

25 programmers in the bus, 72 hours, 2700km, 6 startup ideas actually realized and working. They traveled from Holland to Copenhagen, to Zurich and to Paris to be at LeWeb 2011, check this video to hear about some of the startups they have been able to brainstorm and actually develop to show as working prototype.

Live head-mounted video from Le Web 2011

Posted by – December 9, 2011

I'm streaming now with a camera on the Motorola Kopin Golden-i from Leweb 2011, I'll ask questions from the IRC chat:

Spotify launches Spotify Radio

Posted by – December 9, 2011

Here at LeWeb 2011, Daniel Ek, CEO and founder of Spotify, announces the launch of the Spotify Radio music recommendations engine. How does it compare with the music recommendations algorithms of, Pandora and other?

AveComics at LeWeb 2011

Posted by – December 9, 2011

This is an app for digital comic books.

Yves Behar at LeWeb 2011

Posted by – December 8, 2011

Interview with Yves Behar, the designer of the OLPC XO-1, about design, about technology, business, non-profit, consumer electronics design philosophy.