Nintendo 3DS is awesome!

Posted by – March 1, 2011

My first time playing with the Nintendo 3DS! This is going to popularize non glasses 3D screen for the first time! The 3D experience is actually awesome, it’s impressive, it works! I just wish Nintendo would install Android Honeycomb on this device and do something like the Playstation Suite, provide all their games legally to the Android platform. They should also make a 3G/LTE-enabled modem add-on for the 3DS to allow for online gaming outside of WiFi hotspots, and they should do a games subscription model, $10/month to access all the games as downloads, including new level upgrades and online gaming for all games.

3Gnet $70 Android Set-top-box

Posted by – March 1, 2011

This one could run the Google TV for ARM OS, it’s a Skyviia ARM9 based Android Set-top-box, with 3 USB host, up to 1080p video playback support, the UI is being worked on. They also have a Ziilab ARM Cortex-A8 version to be available for about $20 more.

Bresser MID-7, 7″ 3G Android Tablet

Posted by – March 1, 2011

This one is a Rockchip RK2818 based, resistive Android tablet, sold about 299€ with 3G built-in.

Netronix 9.7″ Freescale i.MX51 Android Tablet

Posted by – March 1, 2011

Netronix is one of the major e-ink based e-reader makers from Taiwan, they are now also making Android LCD tablets. This one is basically as good as an iPad, with exactly the same LG 9.7″ capacitive LCD as on the iPad1, but it can be sold at half the price, around $250.

Yifang M707, Android Tablet with infrared pen input

Posted by – February 28, 2011

Yifang is a Chinese manufacturer of Android tablets, after having acquired Israelli pen input company pegasus, they now have integrated that technology into the side of one of their Android tablets, when combined with a nice leather case, it makes a very interesting Android powered tool if you can think of being productive scanning your handwritten notes onto Android and use that in real-time somehow. For example, the notes could be broadcast onto a digital whiteboard in real time, notes could be shared online. The price of the whole bundle could be below $199 at retail, as said in the video, the infrared pen input components adds about $40 to the price. This device has the Rockchip RK2818 Android 2.1 for now and will be upgraded to Rockchip Rk2918 Gingerbread/Honeycomb when that one is available within a couple of months.

Worlds First Honeycomb Laptop at CeBIT 2011!!!

Posted by – February 28, 2011

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is worlds first Honeycomb laptop, it looks fantastic. Honeycomb is awesome on laptops! This proves it! The Honeycomb web browser is fast! While the Asus Transformer combo might feel a bit heavy, that’s also because the keyboard dock includes a full battery, doubling the battery runtime of this Honeycomb laptop to 16 hours of use!

Asus Eee Pad Memo Tablet and MeMic Bluetooth Phone Remote

Posted by – February 28, 2011

Qualcomm Dual-core MSM8260 1.2Ghz based, with a 7″ 1024×600 capacitive touch screen, built-in capacitive stylus, they also plan to offer a Bluetooth Phone Remote device with a fancy transparent screen, check it out.

LG C550 Optimus Chat

Posted by – February 28, 2011

LG’s most affordable Android phone with slide-out keyboard at $199/199€ unlocked (out of contract), it has a 2.8″ capacitive touch screen and is also Qualcomm ARM11 MSM7227 600Mhz based.

LG P350 Optimus Me, 2.8″ Android Phone

Posted by – February 28, 2011

To be released now for around $179/179€ unlocked (out of contract), has a 2.8″ capacitive touch screen, camera, using the Qualcomm ARM11 MSM7227 600Mhz processor. It’s one of these affordable new Android phones from LG.

Look forward to my CeBIT 2011 video coverage this week

Posted by – February 27, 2011

A crowded exhibition hall during CeBIT 2000.

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Starting tomorrow, I will be posting here upwards 50 videos of the best ARM powered devices to be shown at this CeBIT Hannover Germany, one of the worlds biggest consumer electronics trade shows. This is my 8th consecutive CeBIT doing video-blogging. Yup, I started video-blogging from consumer electronics trade shows at CeBIT 2004 (you can see my CeBIT video archive for 2004-2009 at If you have any tips you can write them here in the comments, click on Submit News at any time, or send them to my email

Here are some of the topics that I expect to find at this show:

1. Chrome OS devices, does Google find it appropriate to let the laptop and desktop makers start to display ARM Powered Chrome OS laptops and similar devices? Recently it has been leaked that the ARM cortex-A8 i.MX51/53 Powered Acer DXH241 monitor will come with built-in Chrome OS, letting all monitor makers add Chrome OS for below $50 in ARM Powered component costs. Though it is also likely that Google may want to delay Chrome OS devices release a few more months and do some kind of big Chrome OS device unveiling at some other event.

2. Is it time for the International ARM Powered Google TV unveiling yet? Samsung usually has gigantic booths at CeBIT, will they show their Exynos ARM Cortex-A9 Powered Google TV there already? Because of the international media rights issues, and Google’s issues with getting TV rights within the US market even, it may be Google waits for Google I/O in May or so to unveil more on that.

3. Anyone to launch Honeycomb, Chrome OS and Ubuntu compliant ARM Powered laptops, as nice or nicer even as the Toshiba AC100 (which recently got the Froyo upgrade)? Tegra2 is getting very popular, and other Cortex-A9 platforms are ramping up traction, as all major laptop makers have big booths at CeBIT, I will be looking for them showing off ARM Powered laptops.

4. More and better Android tablets. I will be bringing you videos on all the best new Android tablets, including filming the news from the Archos booth where I think that they will show more than the Arnova 10 and Arnova 8 that I just recently filmed.

5. I’m hopeful Panasonic will unveil a new compact HD camcorder to be the equivalent to a Sanyo HD3000 with better optics, better compression, WiFi/Bluetooth features and more, because I’d like to upgrade my camcorder to something like that. Panasonic recently unveiled camcorder designs similar to the Sanyo Xacti.

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