LG Optimus Pad

Posted by – February 16, 2011

The new tablet from LG, Honeycomb on Tegra2 powered, comes with LG´s built-in 3D camera, to allow consumers to make more 3D contents for their 3D HDTVs. It uses a 8.9″ capacitive touch screen, hdmi output, no usb host.

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)

Posted by – February 15, 2011

New standard first used in the Samsung Galaxy S2 to output HD and charge at the same time through the Micro-USB connector, it also allows for some data to be sent back from HDTVs such as using the TVs standard remote control to also remote control the device. The MHL 1.0 spec for now does not transmit Gigabit Ethernet or USB 3.0 Host functionality.

Sub-$200 4.3″ capacitive Android Smartphone

Posted by – February 15, 2011

Yuhua Teltech released this Marvell powered Android Smartphone they call the Touchstone. It’s basically like one of those HTC HD, Droid X, except it costs less than $200 instead of the $500+ that the big brands such as HTC and Motorola are selling those form factors for. It runs on the Marvell PXA935 processor (also known as Tavor P65), same as in the Dual SIM clam-shell Dion MID from Shenzhen ACT that I filmed at CES and which Yuhua Teltech is also manufacturing as well. This device has been sold in China, India and some other emerging markets for 6 months already, Yuhua Teltech wants to bring this device to the European and US market, and they are announcing their next generation Gemstone design which will have a faster Marvell processor and dual-sim support.

Malata releases new Tegra2 Tablets

Posted by – February 15, 2011

Their designs are used by ViewSonic, Interpad, HiSense and others. Now they use a better screen with 1280×800 resolution and wider viewing angles. They are also making a version with a new 9.7″ 4:3 aspect ratio.

Honeycomb will work on cheaper tablets!

Posted by – February 14, 2011

I got this confirmed from a source at Google (to remain anonymous) that Honeycomb will likely work just fine on all the cheaper tablets, such as the ARM Cortex-A8 ones like Archos and even the super cheap ones with Rockchip ARM9 or Telechips ARM11 processors. We’re all set for disruptive Android Tablet future with no need to be member of a “high-end special club” to get Honeycomb and especially to be allowed the Google Marketplace and all Google Apps. Google are to update the compatibility guidelines for devices to be Google Marketplace compatible and they “simply” add more filters to prevent consumer confusion.

I’ll try to get this confirmed and explained on video by some Google representatives during the Mobile World Congress.

Texas Instruments talks OMAP5, OMAP4

Posted by – February 14, 2011

Texas Instruments OMAP Product Line Manager Brian Carlson presents the amazing OMAP5 ARM Cortex-A15 processor, to sample this year, ship in products next year, and OMAP4 devices that are about to ship, what kind of performance can be expected.

Honeycomb on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Posted by – February 14, 2011

Honeycomb is simply awesome. It’s the first OS ever made really designed for tablets. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 runs on the Nvidia Tegra2 processor and has a really cool new design.

Honeycomb Designer Matias Duarte Interview

Posted by – February 14, 2011

Chief Honeycomb designer Matias Duarte explains how Google develops Honeycomb.

Google MWC 2011 Booth Tour

Posted by – February 14, 2011

Smoothies (with taste of Honeycomb, Donut, Gingerbread..), Slides, Pictures taken, 50 Android app demos, 50 Android OEM demos, sofas, lava lamps, free water, free stickers, free candy, where are the Nexus S givaways?

Texas Instruments OMAP4 runs Android and Ubuntu at the same time

Posted by – February 14, 2011

Texas Instruments is showcasing that the OMAP4 ARM Cortex-A9 development platform can run full Android on the built-in LCD and Ubuntu on the HDMI output both at the same time, this is awesome. It shows how Texas Instruments OMAP4 can be used to power the upcoming all-in-one ultimate ARM Powered devices that combine Laptop and Media player functionality into the Smartphone.