Shenzhen DBX electrical makes Mp3/Mp4 players, Tablets and more

Posted by – April 15, 2011

They make over 200 Mp3 players and PMPs, now they also make tablets.

Arnova 10 capacitive RK2918 to be released in May

Posted by – April 14, 2011

Here’s the Arnova 10 with capacitive touch screen and the RK2918 ARM Cortex-A8 processor. At around $229 MSRP it could possibly become one of the best value 10.1″ ARM Cortex-A8 capacitive tablets on the market. It’s thin, uses most of the nice design features of the Archos 101 Internet Tablet released in October 2010, but removes the kick-stand (to lower cost), replaces some of the metallic design features with plastics (to lower cost), removes HDMI output (I need to let them confirm this, perhaps that was just removed on the prototype). This device uses the new 1.2Ghz Rockchip processor, with 1080p video codecs support (possibly all codecs at up to over 30mbitps high profile playback), new better graphics performance, but most importantly, this awesome 10.1″ tablet may be sold around $229/229€ at retail MSRP (with capacitive and rk2918), and there is a good chance Rockchip should be getting access to the Honeycomb source code soon (comon Google, give it to them sooner rather than later! (I have no idea if Rockchip has Honeycomb yet or not, I will try to interview Rockchip again about Honeycomb at China Sourcing Fair tomorrow)).

Trend Technology (HK) Ltd does Android Tablets

Posted by – April 14, 2011

A discussion with a Tablet industry salesman at Trend Technology (HK) Ltd about how it works for them to get those tablets made and distributed.

Uptek International Co Ltd makes Android TV Set-top-box

Posted by – April 14, 2011

Uptek explains how they are doing their Android based set-top-box with customized UI solutions, and even VOD stuff.

Topun puts Android in LCOS Pico projector

Posted by – April 14, 2011

They make some LCOS pico projectors, they are now also experimenting with including Android in the pico projector.

Jiayinking turntable player, encodes to Mp3

Posted by – April 14, 2011

Retro LP turntable players with upgraded digital features like record to USB or SD card, CD burner/player, and some other stuff.

Hello Kitty in Hong Kong

Posted by – April 14, 2011

OK, now look forward to having hello kitty on all your home appliances. Prepare to be surprised!

Commax 7″ 4:3 Telechips ARM11 9902 $155 tablets

Posted by – April 14, 2011

Here’s they also do Telechips ARM11 based tablets.

Archos 7c Home Tablet, RK2918 Capacitive

Posted by – April 13, 2011

Welcome to Archos Shenzhen offices, Sandy Chen is Archos OEM sales director, she introduces the new Archos 7c Home Tablet, an updated Archos Home Tablet with capacitive screen and RK2918 ARM Cortex-A8 performance chip inside.

HKTDC Electronics Fair – Day 1

Posted by – April 13, 2011

The first day of the Hong Kong HKTDC Electronics Fair is over, it’s huge, gigantic, I filmed a bunch of videos that I am now going to upload and publish as soon as possible. Look for cool new ARM Cortex-A9 products, new ARM Powered tablets, Smartphones and much more coming up. Make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed and subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep updated with my latest upcoming videos.