Zinwell does ARM Powered $70 Android Set-top-box

Posted by – March 2, 2011

Zinwell is one of the worlds top-5 Realtek based media player box makers, after Western Digital, Xstreamer, now they want to support full Android and eventually Google TV for ARM, so they take the Marvell Berlin (Armada 1000?) processor platform, even add DVB tuner and e-Sata ports, to provide full HD web browsing speed and the performance needed for full Flash and all Web videos and the like.

Hanvon HPad A116 7″ capacitive Android Tablet

Posted by – March 2, 2011

Hanvon is the leading e-ink e-reader maker in the Chinese market with 70% market share, now they are also moving into making Android tablets. This one has a Samsung Hummingbird 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB RAM, 7″ capacitive screen, and Hanvon has designed some custom home replacement user interface.

x86 vs ARM for Tablets, hahaha

Posted by – March 2, 2011

This is what I found at a booth at CeBIT:

Shenzhen AUDE Technology Co Ltd is showing their tablets at CeBIT 2011, the Freescale i.MX51 ARM Cortex-A8 based tablet is 0.4Kg can retail at below $200 while the x86 one is 0.9Kg and could retail for above $400.

Gigabyte Tegra2 Tablet GN-TB100

Posted by – March 2, 2011

This is a 10.1″ 1280×800 capacitive new Tegra2 tablet made by Gigabyte. This is not a final design, they’ll tweak and improve the design before mass production to be selling this by July this year around there.

Gigabyte NAS GR-EZM02H

Posted by – March 2, 2011

Gigabyte is launching this dual-hard drive NAS product, powered by a Marvell ARM processor, it has dual-LAN and a bunch of embedded software features.

Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3, AMD E-350 x86 Mini-ITX motherboard

Posted by – March 2, 2011

AMD is doing some work on their x86 stuff, their new atom alternative, medium/low power consumption, medium/low pricing, puts some nice performance in there for USB3 and HDMI output stuff on such compact PC. This kind of motherboard can be bought for about 100 euros, one only needs to add RAM and a Hard Drive to this to have a full Desktop PC.

Telstar Android Tablets

Posted by – March 2, 2011

The MID Q7128 is Qualcomm MSM7227 ARM11 based, and even cheaper is the Freescale i.MX51 ARM Cortex-A8 based tablet, both in the same design.

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Taiwanese Drums, Taitra sponsored concert

Posted by – March 2, 2011

Cideko $139 (MSRP retail) Android Set-top-box

Posted by – March 2, 2011

Cideko is showing their Android Set-top-box with support for up to 1080p YouTube, and their interesting high-end remote control design with built-in keyboard, accelerometers, infrared and gyroscope.

$60 Android Cortex-A8 Set-top-box

Posted by – March 1, 2011

Shenzhen Ider Technology is showing two designs for Hummingbird ARM Cortex-A8 powered Android Set-top-boxes. One even has a built-in 2.5″ hard drive compartment. This type of box could potentially soon run Google TV experience OS!