Honeywld Marvell Armada 1000 88DE3010 “Berlin” based Android Set-top-box

Posted by – June 8, 2011

Here’s one of the first Marvell Berlin (Armada 1000) based Android Set-top-boxes I have yet seen, firmware is still to be finalized but they can start shipping this hardware this month.

ShiZhu Technology shows Pixel Qi Tablets at Computex 2011

Posted by – June 3, 2011

Check out how ShiZhu’s new Pixel Qi tablet series perform outdoors and indoors against other regular LCD based new Android tablets such as the HTC Flyer (with an anti-glare coating) and the Archos 70 Internet Tablet, you can see how the Pixel Qi screen is much more readable outdoors. This tablet is based on the Samsung Hummingbird Cortex-A8 processor. They are releasing also a 7″ and they can provide them in several different designs.

Pixel Qi tablets can run on solar power

Posted by – June 3, 2011

A quite small modern solar panel can produce 1W of power, enough to power both the Pixel Qi and the whole ARM Powered tablet motherboard behind it. Think for a second how amazing this is. They can put solar panels on the bezel and the Tablet could basically be fully solar powered, have a bigger solar panel on the back of the tablet if you want to just charge it and not use it. This compact 1W Solar panel is $3. OLPC could be using this for the upcoming OLPC XO-1.75 Laptop and the XO-3 tablet.

ZTE Light Tablet with Pixel Qi screen

Posted by – June 3, 2011

While this is not yet with the anti-glare anti-reflective coating and the reflective mode for touch is not yet implemented in this ZTE sample, this is how the ZTE Light with Pixel Qi might look like, the fully optimized version should be shipping in the third quarter of this year.

UDM.tw Q101 compact TI DM3730 Cortex-A8 module PCB design

Posted by – June 3, 2011

UDM provides a full Texas Instruments ARM Cortex-A8 module to integrate in tablets or any other device.

Cupp Computing turns any Laptop into an ARM Laptop

Posted by – June 3, 2011

Cupp Computing is now launching as a product their module to replace the hard drive in any Laptop, add an SSD, up to 2 MicroSD cards (one for the ARM Powered OS of your choice), and with a keyboard shortcut you instantly go from the ARM Powered OS to the x86 OS, and back while the x86 goes to sleep. The ARM Powered Laptop runs up to 40 hours on a battery, if you have just 10 minutes left of battery, switch to ARM mode and you’ve still got 1 hour of use to finish your work. In ARM Mode it can run Android, Ubuntu, Chrome OS and other. They are currently using OMAP3, they can use OMAP4 also soon for more ARM Performance. They also plan to work with motherboard manufacturers to add the whole ARM Powered laptop module right onto all motherboards so ARM Powered laptop mode becomes a default option in all laptops.

Nlighten huge multi-touch screens

Posted by – June 3, 2011

Check out this collection of pretty large optical based multi-touch screens shown by Nlighten at Computex.

ARM Powered Android used to lower the cost and power of Point-of-sale systems

Posted by – June 3, 2011

POSLab is showing their ARM Powered TI Cortex-A8 implementation of Android on a Point-of-sale (POS) system.

Malata shows first 7″ Tegra2 tablet

Posted by – June 3, 2011

This will run Honeycomb when it’s released after around September. Malata manufactures their tablets for several brands, including ViewSonic and others.

FirstView shows Rockchip RK2918 capacitive tablet design

Posted by – June 3, 2011

FirstView now also makes a nice looking capacitive RK2918 based tablet: