I’m in Qatar, video-uploads/postings resumes when bandwidth is found

Posted by – April 18, 2011

So I uploaded and posted 81 videos from Shenzhen and Hong Kong during this past week and I still have over a dozen or so videos to post from that awesome trip. I will also spend some time to compile for you a “Best of Shenzhen and Hong Kong”, listing all the top trends and top most interesting videos among all those so you can see everything about the status of the Chinese consumer electronics industry in a summary post. But for now I am on my way back to Copenhagen, spending a couple days in Doha Qatar as the stop-over is free and cause that was cheaper than flying the usual way over Frankfurt, London or Amsterdam. So I thought, I might as well take the Qatar Airways option and check out a Golf country on the way back, even in the 34°C hot sun. I’ll still upload the remaining videos from this hotel room but upload speeds are not as fast as in Hong Kong on a 3G HSDPA sim card.

You can also watch these other Qatar videos that I filmed:
1. Arrived in Qatar
2. Walking the Souq Waqif, the Corniche and checking out the Doha skyscrapers at night
3. Desert Safari with Arabian Adventure Qatar (includes a fun Video-review of the NEC/Renesas based dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 533Mhz capacitive 7″ tablet from livall.cn)

PocketBook 360 Plus

Posted by – April 17, 2011

PocketBook has updated their popular 5″ e-ink e-reader with a new faster Vizplex e-ink screen, a faster Freescale i.MX35 533Mhz arm11 processor and WiFi support.

JXD M1000 $40 PS One video games TV console emulator

Posted by – April 17, 2011

JXD provides this affordable games console based on the Actions G1000 processor for games emulation of several consoles up to Playstation One.

pipo.com.cn shows 8″ capacitive RK2918 tablet

Posted by – April 17, 2011

Rockchip RK2918 8″ capacitive tablet with 3G HSDPA.

Shenzhen Flying Technology shows AmLogic Cortex-A9 Tablet

Posted by – April 17, 2011

Another AmLogic Cortex-A9 Single Core tablet.

Shenzhen Honesty Electronics shows their Mediatek based Android smartphones

Posted by – April 17, 2011

Here are some Mediatek MTK6516 based cheap Android smartphones, some look like Droid X, others look like HTC Desire, Sony Ericsson X10 and more. They list the prices here for bulk orders with resistive and capacitive.

Rockchip Rk2918 is the first with Skype/QQ HD video chat hardware decode/encode

Posted by – April 17, 2011

Add a HD capable front-facing camera (1.3Mpix for 720p, 2Mpix for 1080p), and you can have HD video conferencing on a tablet, given also a HD resolution tablet screen, is this awesome? Rockchip says they are the first to hardware accelerate the decoding and encoding of HD video conferencing.

Starworth Freescale Capacitive tablets

Posted by – April 17, 2011

Star worth are doing open mold tablets.

JSR MSM7227 Android Smartphone

Posted by – April 17, 2011

JSR is making an MSM7227 based Android Smartphone.

Honeycomb at the Rockchip booth (just keyrings for now..)

Posted by – April 16, 2011

The optimal thing for Rockchip would be that Google provide them with full Honeycomb source code access as soon as possible (if they haven’t already secretly gotten access to that source code), so that they can start working on optimizing the support for Honeycomb on their new RK2918 processor platform.