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Panasonic Lumix GX7, sub-$1000 (without lense) compact Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless camera

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 22, 2013

Panasonic launches their new Lumix GX7 compact Micro 4/3 Mirorrless camera with interchangeable lenses, showing it for the first time for people to try it out at IFA 2013. The Panasonic GX7 has classical retro-like analogue designs in silver and black styles and features modern cutting edge technology. The camera supports the latest new Panasonic lenses and also supports the usage of older lenses with adapters. The small size of the camera doesn't prevent it from offering better image quality even than the Panasonic GH3 (which is the camera I use since January of this year). The quality offered by the GX7 is one of the best of any camera on the market today. Panasonic has developed a whole new sensor. The retail Price is about 1000 Euros in Europe and about $1000 in the USA. The GX7 offers basic video recording features similar to the GH3 but is not designed with that functionality in mind (does not support mini-jack audio input for example). Panasonic's Lumix cameras are designed and manufactured in Japan. Panasonic itself has been manufacturing cameras for years often for other brand names. Panasonic also made cameras before they introduced the Lumix brand name in 2008. How soon for Panasonic's consumer 4K cameras? Will there be a sub-$2000 Lumix GH4 with 4K support next year?

My 11-year old cousin Henry at the Panasonic IFA 2013 Booth Tour

Posted by Charbax – September 22, 2013

Henry shows around the Panasonic booth at the IFA 2013 consumer electronics show in Berlin Germany. You can see Henry's other IFA 2013 Booth tours here:
Henry's Samsung IFA 2013 Booth Tour
Henry's Toshiba IFA 2013 Booth Tour
Henry’s LG IFA 2013 Booth Tour

Toshiba Excite Pro and Toshiba Excite Write

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 22, 2013

Toshiba presents their latest Excite Pro Android tablet. The Toshiba Excite Pro features a 2560x1600 resolution and a Tegra4 processor. The price for the Excite Pro is 429 Euros and 479 euros for the version with a keyboard. The Excite Pro is available in Europe soon after IFA is over. The Excite Write is Toshiba's Other Tablet with features similar to the pro but it has a Wacom digitizer added on. The Excite Pro is 599 Euro. The Excite Pro is also available as a keyboard bundle.

iDoit Gaming and Multimedia Products

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 21, 2013

Idoit is a Korea based producer of consumer electronics such as gaming and multimedia products. The Gam.r is a game console attachment for Android smartphones. The Gam.r was demonstrated using a Galaxy Note 2. The Gam.r controller attachment is also available for the Galaxy S3 or S4. The Gam.r should retail for 60 Euros including the miracast dongle. The Cliq.r acts a remote control for your smartphone enabiling it to be used as a set top box. The iDuo is a Bluetooth adapter that outputs your phones screen to HDMI. The iDuo Vu acts as a second screen for any MHL compatible smartphone. Idoit's core business is making TV sattellites.

Nobody at iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launch in Shenzhen China

Posted by Charbax – September 20, 2013

China Unicom tells me they sold 20 iPhone 5S today in the first 5 hours at their main Shenzhen store. Shenzhen is the smartphone center of the world. iPhone5s $930 iPhone5c $770 in China. Nobody cares at iPhone5s/c launch day here in Shenzhen China. You can buy Android iPhones here for $30, Android is 31 times cheaper than a "real" Apple device! How many Chinese people want to spend 2 months salary for an Apple factory worker (working 65+ hours a week) into buying a new phone?

MT6589 7″/7.85″ 3G Tablet Factory Tour, Next Generation Communications

Posted by Charbax – September 16, 2013

Here's a tour at the $120 7" 1280x800 and $130 7.85" 1024x768 3G-enabled tablet factory in Shenzhen China. You can watch the presentation of these two tablets that are being manufactured here:
$120 7" 1280x800 3G MT6589 by Next Generation Communications
$130 7.85" 1024x768 MT6589 with 3G by Next Generation Communications

Next Generation Communications Contact information (please only contact them if you are serious about buying a bulk of at least 1000 units) (please tell them you watched the video):

Joanna Guo
Mobile: +86 15920043784
Telephone: 86-755-3661-5168

Bright Future’s latest Mediatek Smartphones

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 16, 2013

Bright Future is a Shenzhen based maker of consumer electronics. Bright Future bases their smartphones on Mediatek platforms. The price difference between 6589 and 6589T is 2.5 USD. Bright Future sells about 80,000 phones every month. Bright Future mostly targets Europe and South Asia.
Products Include:
B645 - a 6.45" Full HD screen smartphone with a MTK 6589t processor. The price is 243 USD in bulk.
B608 - 6" HD (1280x720) screen smartphone with a MTK 6589 processor. The price is 168 USD in bulk.
H602 - 6" HD (1280x720) screen smartphone with a unspecified MTK dual core processor. The price is 120 USD in bulk.
H572 - 5.7" HD (1280x720) screen smartphone with a MTK 6577. The price is 135 USD in bulk.
H53 - 5.3" HD (1280x720) screen smartphone with a MTK 6577. The price is 110 USD in bulk.
B501Q3 -5" HD (1280x720) or QHD (960x540) screen smartphone with a MTK 6589m processor. The price is 138 USD for QHD or 158 USD for HD in bulk.
B5012F - 5" (1280x720) OGS screen smartphone with MTK 6589m processor. The price is 158 USD.
B4513 - 4.5" QHD (960x540) screen with MTK 6572 processor. The price is 74 USD in bulk. The design resembles a HTC One.
Bright Future also makes a variety of devices MTK 6577a processors a downgraded version of the MTK 6577. The prices start at 49 USD.

Archos Childpad

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 16, 2013

The Archos Childpad is a 10" or 8" rugged tablet aimed at the younger audience. The Childpad has a toy bear Mp3 player attached to it for the purpose of playing audio files away from the tablet, it works by having music dragged to it. The Bear Mp3 player charges through the tablet. The price is targetted to have a retail price of about 160 Euro for 10.1" and 130 Euro for 8. The 8" version lacks a handle and lack the bear MP3 player. Expect the product to launch around October or November.

E Ink SmartCover for Alcatel One Touch Hero

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 15, 2013

The Alcatel One Touch Hero has a E Ink display cover which can display system functions and can act as a second screen for reading ebooks. The E Ink cover attaches to the device using a docking pin on the side of the device. The E Ink screen by displaying content rather than having the LCD do it you save power. The final version of the cover will have the ability to magnetically clip to the back. The E Ink cover at this time only supports the built in e-reader app but 3rd support should come in the future. The One touch hero has a 6" full hd screen with pen support, the MT6589T 1.5Ghz Quad-core processor, 8gb and 16gb options with Micro SD expansion, 2gb of ram, and 3400mah battery.

Guest Post: changing the concept of hdmi tv dongles

Posted by Alex Marinho – September 15, 2013

This is a Guest Post by Alex Marinho. Do you want to write guest posts on Send me an email and let me know what you want to write about.

I love computers and I am fascinated by them, and the idea that i can mount my own computer with my hands like lego and this has in the 90's. Now we have mini pcs or hdmi tv dongles small computers that you can put in your pocket but they have some faults.
1-Internal wifi with bad performance, solution for this issue, external antennas that were implemented by the manufactures (see cozyswan s400 hdmi tv dongle and others)

2-A audio combo jack,is  important for people that have lcd monitor's that dont have speakers, they need the audio combo jack  (see MK806 hdmi tv dongle)

3-A 2-pin connector for a fan and holes to fix the fan into the board, for heating problems.

4-change the usb 2.0 to usb 3.0 for better performance (see hardkernel odroid xu+E)

5-the storage issue, all hdmi dongles have nand flash that is welded and you cannot remove to upgrade, only by microsd card.

People nowadays use microsd cards to install linux and to boot from the card but a youtube user posted that booting from a microsd card is not very fast and the performance is not very spectacular.(30MBps)

So the best solution is using a Emmc card with a connector in the bottom-160 Mbps (see hardkernel)

so with paint and gimp i altered some pictures of hdmi tv dongles that i found in the internet to show you what I considered should be the perfect Hdmi tv dongle
pen usb hdmi 0
In this first picture I added by paint some holes and a 2-pin fan connector to put a "future" fan like this (photo from a russian web site)
pen usb hdmi 2
In the third picture, I removed by paint the NAND FLASH and I added a Emmc connector. And the combo audio connector because a lot of people that I know they dont have speakers in their lcd monitor.
pen usb hdmi 1
In the market there is already a company (hardkernel) selling this emmc cards with connectors, but is very expensive if every company that does hdmi tv dongles adopt this standard i think that the price will come down, and everyone can altered their storage very easy.
eMMC Module 64GB and emmc reader 200 percent faster than a class 10 sdhc card
I am writing this post to show people that they can present good ideas to change the statuos quo of the designs of the hdmi tv dongles or mini pc.

And manufactures could see what can they do to change for a better way the mini pc.