Qualcomm S4 MSM8960 Tablet Gaming performance

Posted by – January 14, 2012

Qualcomm shows their MSM8960 S4 Krait reference tablet playing some 3D games on a HDTV.

Always Innovating OMAP4 HDMI Dongle

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Always Innovating fits the Texas Instruments OMAP4 motherboard with all the needed features for a Desktop, Set-top-box and 3D home console into a USB stick sized device that connects to the HDMI port of your HDTV and gets power from USB. It has Bluetooth for Bluetooth keyboards and game controllers. Its USB can do USB host.

Samsung 70″ 4K2K Quad-HD TV

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Here’s a presentation by one of the lead engineers at Samsung on the 4K2K HDTV project. With some details about the cost of the technology.

Robert Scoble at CES 2012

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Here are his impressions, what he thinks about the consumer electronics show, the industry, Apple vs Google, and more.

Samsung LED TV Series 6 and LED TV Series 7

Posted by – January 12, 2012

New performance in LED backlit HDTVs, better refresh rates, better colors, more contrast, faster processing and much more.

Canon HF M52, WiFi uploading to YouTube, to your iOS device and even live streaming to Qik!

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Finally the camcorder makers have figured out to include WiFi in their camcorders and features to upload the videos directly to YouTube, Facebook and other services. This is going to be absolutely awesome.

Turbo Ace quad copter

Posted by – January 12, 2012

You can fix your camera to it and it’ll fly up and do some aerial photography and video for you, with a gyroscope based stabilizer.

Toshiba Camileo Air10, WiFi camera

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Uploads to YouTube, live streams to Ustream. Awesome!

Casio GB-6900 G-Shock, Bluetooth 4.0 watch

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Communicates with your Android smartphone that has an ultra low power Bluetooth 4.0 support. Battery life is about 2 years with Bluetooth synchronized to your phone 12 hours per day. It synchronizes with incoming calls, incoming SMS, with time zone changes, it can sound an alarm on your phone if you can’t find it. They are expanding the functionality to support other apps in Android.

Spreecast at CES 2012

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Spreecast does multi-user live video streaming shows with chat, social network integration and more. With features similar to Google+ Hangouts On Air, a host is able to select who to invite in an up to 4-user video-chat, with a chat going on underneath, questions being sent through social networks and more.