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Neonode to turn OLPC Pixel Qi Laptops into Tablets

Posted by – July 27, 2012

Neonode announced today a licencing agreement with the One Laptop Per Child project, turning a new version of the OLPC XO 1.75 Marvell Armada 600 ARM Powered Laptop into a tablet. Keeping the exact same form factor, keeping the exact same readability, keeping the same screen bezel form factor but adding in there the cheap Neonode IR based touch-screen technology. One Laptop Per Child thus far have shipped over 2.5 million Pixel Qi Laptops to Children in about 50 mostly developing countries worldwide. OLPC is still the biggest deployment of Pixel Qi screens worldwide, until someone as Google, Amazon or Apple comes in and gets it mass manufactured for commercial Tablet use. To keep the best possible readability, the least possible reflections in sunlight, using Neonode’s IR touch screen technology may be the best idea for the future of Tablets and Smartphones instead of capacitive.

Here’s the press release:

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – July 26, 2012 – Neonode Inc., (NASDAQ:NEON), the MultiSensing touch technology company, announced today a licensing agreement with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), a non-profit organization that designs, manufactures, and distributes laptops to children worldwide, to embed Neonode’s MultiSensing™ touch technology into the next generation of OLPC’s XO-1.75 laptop, called the XO Touch. The innovative OLPC XO Touch 1.75 is a 7.5” combined laptop and tablet that has a Dual-Mode (sunlight-readable) TFT LCD display which rotates 180 degrees and folds flat over the keyboard for tablet/e-book or game mode.

Embedding the Neonode MultiSensing touch solution will allow OLPC to build a completely new type of rugged laptop-tablet that is extremely fast, cost efficient and energy saving, offering 100% visibility in bright sunlight. This is done without compromising the quality of the first-rate user experience, in full color, and with the highest resolution possible, i.e., 300 dpi. The Neonode MultiSensing technology consists of a state-of-the-art interactive touch user interface that includes gestures, multi-touch, and sweeps at an extraordinary scanning speed of 1000 Hz. Thanks to the energy efficient engineering, consuming just 2W, the XO Touch can be powered through alternative power generators like solar cells or even hand cranks. In addition, Neonode’s green engineering feature AlwaysON™, enables full gesture activated wake-up of the XO Touch when it is in sleep or off mode.

OLPC, created by faculty members from the MIT Media Lab, sells the laptops in large quantities to governments and private institutions around the world, that in turn issue them to children or schools on a basis of one laptop per child.

“We are honored to be collaborating with OLPC to produce the XO Touch, a truly pioneering and sustainable device that shows the broad versatility of our technology. This market entry confirms that our MultiSensing technology makes it possible to create a top class product that is both affordable and extremely energy saving and still has a user interface that is radical enough to satisfy the uncompromising demands of knowledge and entertainment thirsty children” says Thomas Eriksson, CEO Neonode. “Our company philosophy is to contribute to a better and happier world, and we have the opportunity to do so by supporting OLPC’s mission”

“OLPC is proud to partner with an organization that shares its appreciation for innovative and transformative technology. Neonode’s expertise in engineering and design will turn the XO Touch, which combines the best features of laptop and tablet, into a next-level innovative machine.” said Rodrigo Arboleda Halaby Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at OLPC

See how awesome Neonode’s touch-screen technology looks outdoors in sunlight on a Pixel Qi tablet in this video I filmed in May 2011:

Here’s my video filmed with Neonode last February:

JWD 7″ AllWinner A10 Tablet Factory Tour

Posted by – June 18, 2012

Here’s a 8-minute video tour of the JWD 7″ AllWinner A10 Factory.

JWD 10.1″ AllWinner Factory Tour

Posted by – June 18, 2012

Here they are assembling 10.1″ AllWinner A10 based tablets.

Entering the JWD Factory

Posted by – June 18, 2012

This is a large factory making AllWinner based tablets and more. This is the largest best organized factory I have visited yet in Shenzhen, it features the bunny suits, dust control etc. They manufacture AllWinner A10/A13 Tablets, pocket audio recorders and some other things.

YF Technology Factory SMT

Posted by – June 18, 2012

See how they manufacture AllWinner A10 Tablet motherboards.

YF Technology Factory Assembly

Posted by – June 18, 2012

They are assembling AllWinner A10/13 Tablets and MediaTek phones.

AmLogic Headquarters Interview in Shenzhen

Posted by – June 18, 2012

Here’s an interview filmed at the AmLogic Headquarters in Shenzhen China.

Koegler Electronics Co Ltd wearable computer

Posted by – June 18, 2012

Check out this wearable computer! It’s a 17″ or 20″ large touch screen that you can carry around, can be used for advertising purposes, communicating information to many people at conferences and other things like that.

MSI Enjoy 7 Plus

Posted by – June 18, 2012

Cheap 7″ Android tablet from MSI. Post in the comments if you can find the info about which processor they use.

Arena Scientific at Computex 2012

Posted by – June 18, 2012

Here at Computex 2012, we take a look at the Arena Scientific booth, checking out their tablets. Arena Scientific produces these devices for Mediacom.

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