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Posted by Charbax – December 16, 2011

He was showing some pretty awesome magic tricks at LeWeb, using the Kinect, 3D graphics from 3Dvia and real elements, you can find more videos featuring his magic on YouTube: at LeWeb 2011

Posted by Charbax – December 16, 2011

They bring digital art to events, companies, find out more at

Aramex Teleportation Technology at LeWeb 2011

Posted by Charbax – December 13, 2011

Online shoppers buying stuff in the middle-east sometimes need to be able to ship their purchases to a European or US address and Aramex provides a service that forwards those shipments to the middle-east.

Charbax on Twit

Posted by Charbax – December 12, 2011

Here again, now Twit posted the video on the official channel, so here it is, when you click the play button below, it should start at the right time-code 35 minutes 17 seconds when I first appear on the show, where I get to talk to Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane on the Twit show at LeWeb 2011!

On Twit, I get to talk with Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane about the legalization of piracy in Switzerland, in France, about the latest Archos G9 and Arnova G2 devices and I get to show off my headmounted Motorola Kopin Golden-i system for augmented video-blogging.

I was on Twit!

Posted by Charbax – December 10, 2011

You can see me starting at 9 minutes 45 seconds time code in following Twit Live video recorded at LeWeb 2011, I'm interviewed by Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane! This video features some of my talk about Switzerland legalizing piracy, France implementing the global licence to legalize piracy, Archos, my headmounted Kopin Golden-i computer, live stream and augmented video-blogging system.

Source: recorded video on

I'll post the YouTube embed if Twit and LeWeb release it separately on YouTube.

Renault’s role in web technology, encouraging Android app ecosystem for the car and more

Posted by Charbax – December 8, 2011

Matthieu Tenenbaum talks about some of the things they Renault is doing to encourage more technological integration in the car.

Test driving the Renault Twizy Electric Car

Posted by Charbax – December 7, 2011

This is an awesome compact electric car, safer than a motorbike, smaller than a car, it's being sold at around 7000 euros (first deliveries to happen before March 2012), it's smooth and fast to drive around with, range is enough for most city driving use.

Archos Home Connect

Posted by Charbax – December 6, 2011

$129 Android webradio alarm clock, this can be a nice to have next to your bed. It can wake you up with your Google Music playlists, with your Spotify favorites, with your Pandora,, you can use Tune In webradio tuner. It can display trafic informations on a map for your region, show you news healines, pull RSS feed items etc.

Archos Smart Home Phone

Posted by Charbax – December 6, 2011

This is perhaps the coolest landline dect phone, because it runs Android, supports not only landline calling functionality, it can integrate with Skype, SIP, Google Voice and more over the WiFi at home and each set costs $149, you can have up to 5 of them running on the same dect network in your home.

Panasonic to launch more Android devices

Posted by Charbax – November 27, 2011

Panasonic is designing their own ARM Cortex-A9 processor at 1.4Ghz that can be used for Google TV type set-top-boxes. Here's a video interview with Dr. Masaitsu Nakajima, General Manager of Panasonic's Processor Core Technology, talking about their ARM Cortex-A9 for set-top-boxes:

Video posted by

As is said at the end of the video, Panasonic has plans for using ARM Powered Android in Tablets, and they probably also have plans for ARM Powered Android Smartphones, and I also expect Panasonic to use Android in some of their upcoming Camcorders, such as the Sanyo HD1000-type-design, with a 1-click Android functionality to upload the videos directly to YouTube over WiFi, with 1-click live stream to online live streaming systems like and I expect Panasonic to include Android in Photo cameras, and in their HDTVs using the ARM Powered Google TV platform. Look forward to major Panasonic branded Android devices news at CES, Mobile World Congress and following.