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EU makes sure full Chrome browser is on Windows RT at launch

Posted by – July 19, 2012

Reuters reports that the European Union antitrust regulators are right now making sure Windows RT ships with the Chrome Browser, Firefox, Opera and more.

the investigation will focus on charges that Microsoft allows only its own Internet Explorer browser to be installed on devices running Windows 8 on Windows RT tablets with British chipmaker ARM’s chips.

The way I see it, the ARM Powered Windows RT Laptops and Tablets to be released starting October 26th should be able to run a full Chrome bowser, run most x86 applications through Remote Desktop software like Teradici PCoIP, full Microsoft Office and then of course all Metro apps which basically is the new touch-compatible applications platform for Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT Tablet/Laptop hybrid system.

In theory as HTML5 improves to support full HD and 4K video editing through the cloud, as web based photo editing apps are available, using the grid to render media files is going to be much more desirable than rendering anything on the local hardware anyway. Making thus Windows RT suitable for advanced users just as well as beginners who them really don’t care about x86 backwards compatibility.

Microsoft’s efforts for Education in the UK at LeWeb 2012

Posted by – June 20, 2012

Microsoft wants Windows in every school used by every student and they are also doing alot to encourage programming in schools and more.

Koegler Electronics Co Ltd wearable computer

Posted by – June 18, 2012

Check out this wearable computer! It’s a 17″ or 20″ large touch screen that you can carry around, can be used for advertising purposes, communicating information to many people at conferences and other things like that.

Ice Computer, computer in a module

Posted by – June 18, 2012

Plug the module to Tablet dock, Desktop Dock, Set-top-box Dock, the PC module can be ARM or x86.

Toshiba OMAP4470 Windows 8 RT ARM Powered Laptop and Tablet shown on video

Posted by – June 17, 2012

I was looking for it at Computex, I couldn’t find it being publicly demonstrated yet, but here it is on a 1-minute video. This new OMAP4470 ARM Powered Laptop from Toshiba looks nice! Now it’s going to be even nicer when/if it gets confirmed that this new Toshiba ARM Powered Laptop can legally multi-boot with Android, Chrome OS and Ubuntu and preferably be sold well below $500 with or without the hopefully optional $85 Windows RT licence.

Yifang Digital Pen for Windows 8 laptops at Computex 2012

Posted by – June 11, 2012

Add touch to laptops that don’t have it using this Yifang digital pen input.

BlueStacks Android apps support on Windows

Posted by – June 11, 2012

Tokyo Electron Device Co Ltd demonstrates Android apps support on Windows.

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TechNexion ARM modules

Posted by – June 8, 2012

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Windows 8 RT on a $68 7″ VIA 8850 ARM Cortex-A9 Tablet by Eken

Posted by – June 7, 2012

Check out Windows 8 on a $68 VIA 8850 Powered 7″ capacitive tablet! (just a home replacement) What is the difference in performance and potential features between an optimized Android Home Replacement and a “real” native Windows RT machine?

I think it is obviously meaningless for Microsoft to insist on making Windows 8 a separate closed/proprietary/incompatible ecosystem to Android. And it’d be even more wrong if Microsoft wants to forbid tablet and laptop makers to dual-boot Android with Windows RT.

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A bunch of Ultrabook convertibles at the Intel press conference at Computex 2012

Posted by – June 6, 2012

Here are some convertibles Ultrabooks with touch screens shown by Pegatron, Foxconn, Inventec, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, NEC, Sony, Asus, LG, HP and Toshiba. All are showing new Ultrabooks at Computex 2012 but that doesn’t mean that they are going to sell many. In fact, Intel does not want to answer the quantity question. I don’t know anyone who has bought an Ultrabook and I don’t know anyone who wants to pay $1000 for a laptop. I’d like to see $199 ARM Powered Ultrabooks sooner rather than later.