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Amit Pundir and Abhishek Paliwal of the Linaro Android Team

Posted by – June 2, 2012

Amit Pundir of the Linaro Android Team and Abhishek Paliwal of ST-Ericsson talk about their work on Android at Linaro.

Headmounted augmented-reality game and brain activity robot remote controller

Posted by – June 1, 2012

Noritsuna Imamura Director of the OESF lets me try some of his latest projects which are the headmounted Android on Pandaboard computer system that has augmented reality application that turns real people into shoot them up characters and that allows for brain activity based robot remote-controlling.

David Mandala of Canonical at Linaro Connect

Posted by – May 31, 2012

David Mandala talks about Ubuntu on ARM, the direction of it going onto servers and Canonical's involvement in Linaro.

Ubuntu on Android at Linaro Connect

Posted by – May 31, 2012

The most exciting thing is once the ARM Processors in phones are powerful enough to run a full desktop/laptop. Thus simply dock the Android phone and output a full Linux on your larger monitor.

Novacut Video Editor for Ubuntu Linux

Posted by – May 30, 2012

Novacut is a new Linux powered video-editing software system that provides for online and offline collaborative video-editing tools and workflow. It is open-source and free, available at The initial target is small indie filmmakers who need a fast efficient method for a web series or low budget film. People who have the flexibility to use a new program and build a work flow around Novacut. Eventually, Novacut plans to replace Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere and every other video-editing systems by providing better, faster and more advanced video-editing tools by being free and open source. Their business model is in the optional video distribution system that can go with the software.

Mathieu Poirier of the ST-Ericsson Landing Team at Linaro Connect

Posted by – May 30, 2012

Mathieu Poirier talks about how Android came up on the ST-Ericsson A9500 Snowball platform.

Rockchip RK3066 is now Google Certified

Posted by – May 30, 2012

Rockchip announces:

RK3066 is ready for Google GMS on Android 4.0.4
- Google WIDEVINE DRM Supported
- OTA (over-the-air) Update Supported

Dell unveils ARM Powered servers

Posted by – May 29, 2012

Check out the articles on Google News.

The 3U rackmount chassis has 48 ARM servers with a total of 192 processor cores, with each ARM server drawing a maximum of 15 watts of power. Each server uses Marvell's quad-core Armada XP 78460 chip, which runs at 1.6GHz, and has error correction features, networking and storage components.

Noritsuna Imamura and Akira Tsukamoto at Linaro Connect

Posted by – May 29, 2012

Noritsuna Imamura of OESF hacks a heart rate sensor for Android and Akira Tsukamoto reaches out to open source developers at Linaro in Japan.

$74 Boxchip A10 HDMI stick

Posted by – May 28, 2012

This Boxchip based HDMI stick has been talked about over the past couple weeks on some blogs under the names MK802, Zero Devices Z802 etc. The Bill of Materials for this device might be as low as $20 but it's being sold at around $70 at retail at the moment. Here's a link to buy it for $70 on Amazon: