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Qualcomm shows Android TV on APQ8060

Posted by – January 14, 2012

Qualcomm is investing in Android TV support, the first product being the Lenovo Android TV. This is not Google TV yet, but it could soon be with or without HDMI input/overlays and IR blaster.

Qualcomm S4 MSM8960 Tablet Gaming performance

Posted by – January 14, 2012

Qualcomm shows their MSM8960 S4 Krait reference tablet playing some 3D games on a HDTV.

Always Innovating OMAP4 HDMI Dongle

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Always Innovating fits the Texas Instruments OMAP4 motherboard with all the needed features for a Desktop, Set-top-box and 3D home console into a USB stick sized device that connects to the HDMI port of your HDTV and gets power from USB. It has Bluetooth for Bluetooth keyboards and game controllers. Its USB can do USB host.

Robert Scoble at CES 2012

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Here are his impressions, what he thinks about the consumer electronics show, the industry, Apple vs Google, and more.

Casio GB-6900 G-Shock, Bluetooth 4.0 watch

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Communicates with your Android smartphone that has an ultra low power Bluetooth 4.0 support. Battery life is about 2 years with Bluetooth synchronized to your phone 12 hours per day. It synchronizes with incoming calls, incoming SMS, with time zone changes, it can sound an alarm on your phone if you can’t find it. They are expanding the functionality to support other apps in Android.

Toshiba shows 5.1″, 7.7″ and 13.3″ Tablets at CES 2012

Posted by – January 12, 2012

Toshiba is showing 5.1″, 7.7″ AMOLED and 13.3″ HD Tablet concepts at CES 2012, look back for more from Toshiba on new tablets at Mobile World Congress.

Eken $108 10.1″ and $75 7″ Ice Cream Sandwich Boxchip AllWinner 1.2Ghz ARM Cortex-A8

Posted by – January 11, 2012 shows this 10.1″ capacitive ICS Android 4.0 tablet, the cost is only $108 per tablet when ordered in a quantity of at least 1000. I don’t remember having seen the Boxchip AllWinner ARM processors before. It uses the ARM Mali-400 GPU. It’ll start being mass manufactured and delivered in February and later. They can also make a 7″ version capacitive Ice Cream Sandwich, ARM Cortex-A8, for $75 in an order quantity of 1000.

Keenhigh shows ICS on their 7″ $99 single-core ARM Cortex-A9 AmLogic Tablet

Posted by – January 11, 2012

With a 1024×600 7″ capacitive screen, the price is below $100 for big orders.

Kinwei AmLogic ARM Cortex-A9 Tablet running an Ice Cream Sandwich demo

Posted by – January 11, 2012

Kinwei shows their $81 single-core AmLogic ARM Cortex-A9 7″ Ice Cream Sandwich capacitive Android tablet. They can do 5″ and 9.7″ capacitive also for about $150 for a 1000 units order.

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Top Eight shows $135 10.1″ AmLogic ARM Cortex-A9 ICS tablet

Posted by – January 11, 2012

Here’s another AmLogic based ICS Android Tablet.