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$31 3.5″ 400×240 Spreadtrum SC6820 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A5, world’s cheapest dual-sim 2G/EDGE Android phone

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 3, 2013

Here's the world's cheapest Android phone (that I can find thus far). We're now approaching the sub-$30 pricing. Yup, $30, Android, capacitive 3.5". Not 3G though, you get dual-sim 2G/EDGE modem at that price. If the 3.5" screen is too small, you can get 4" for $36 (maybe 480x320 or same 400x240, I need to check), or even 4.5" for $45 (I think WVGA, I need to test and confirm), thus the Spreadtrum ARM Cortex-A5 system-on-chip solution with dual-sim 2G/EDGE support may compete well with the MediaTek MT6515 in that 2G/EDGE space. Let me know if you know which platform is more interesting in terms of reaching the world's cheapest yet still usable Android phone target. We may already have reached the sub-$25 for an Android phone price now today, although it may surely be reached by the end of this year. Where can we go next year? Sub-$25 3G Android phones and sub-$15 2G Android phones? I bought 3 of these world's cheapest phones, to use as my dual-sim roaming phone to keep my home SIMs active while I'm traveling, let me know what you would like me to test with those. The calling quality isn't amazing, that's one thing, but phone calls work. Wi-Fi works fine thus I can feed fast data to them from my 3G phone that does a portable hotspot if I want.

Read more on the Spreadtrum SC6820 platform:

$62 4.3″ WVGA MT6572 256MB RAM, cheapest nice 4.3″ dual-sim 3G phone in the world

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 3, 2013

MediaTek MT6572 is the new low-cost 3G smartphone platform. Here's the cheapest Samsung Galaxy 44-mini clone that I could find, this one with just 256MB RAM and 256MB ROM, you can expand storage with MicroSD card. This store also sells a clone of the HTC One. Thus you can get pretty decent 3G dual-sim phones for around $60-70 now all over China and exporting worldwide. I'm now testing this $62 MT6572 256MB RAM phone to see if I can replace my Galaxy Nexus with it and so that I understand better what the limitations are with having only 256MB RAM/ROM on ANdroid 4.2 with the MediaTek MT6572.

1080p MT6589T 5″ $199 and 6.5″ $238 high-end MediaTek phones out of Shenzhen

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 2, 2013

Here are the two highest-end MediaTek phones I could find, on the fastest MediaTek MT6589T quad-core "turbo" MediaTek platform. Both have 1080p resolution screens (perhaps from LG) run from the MT6589T processor. One U650 a 6.5" screen and the P5005 has a 5" IPS screen. The price of the P5005 is 199 USD retail in China. The price of U650 is 238 USD. The U650 also has 2gb ram option and 32gb storage option. Both devices feature removable batteries and Dual 3G+ SIM Card slots.

$77 MT6572 4.3″ WVGA Galaxy S4-mini clone and $80 MT6572 5″ WVGA Galaxy S4-clone

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 2, 2013

Here are two now very popular low-cost dual-sim 3G Samsung Galaxy S4/S4-mini clones for sale now all over China based on the new low-cost MT6572 Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 from MediaTek. One was based on the regular Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 5" screen the other was based on the S4 mini with a 4.3" 854x480 screen. Both devices use a Mediatek MT6572. They both have 512MB RAM and 4GB Nand flash memory.

Topsky Wearable head-mounted video Glasses, soon with WiFi/Android version

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 2, 2013

Topsky is a producer of headmounted video-glasses. The glasses themselves have a WVGA resolution and sell for around 290 USD. In the future they might release products with Android and Wifi. Topsky sells around 2,000 units per month and primarily targets the European market. They also produce conventional 3D glasses. They also sell HDMI Sticks as well as speakers.

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Highlander Android Tablet Solutions

Posted by juliusaugustus – September 1, 2013

Shenzhen Highlander Investment company is a manufacturer of Android tablet solutions. They sell around 30,000 tablet every month. They have factory the size of 2,000 square meters that employs around 100 people.
Products Include:
7" Dual Core Rockchip tablet for 60 USD.

9.7" Dual Core Rockchip tablet for 80 USD.

10" Actions Quad Core tablet for 83 USD.

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5 Seasons shows MT6577 $400 Rugged Phone

Posted by m@ddy – September 1, 2013

KimWan from 5Seasons is showing all sesaons outdoor usable Phablet built with Cortex A-7 MP6577 Quadcore for utterly fast in processing speed.features emdded in are A-GPS,3G,GPS,FM Radio, Bluetooth & WIfi for better connectivity. Shockproof,Waterproof and shock resist makes device quite promising for those who want work on Phablet in all weather conditions. Priced at $400.Having sales of of 2000 units per month.5 seasons a firm from Taiwan outsourcing to China. Rugged cases generally are made from polycarbonate, silicon and different varieties of foams and rubber. Some materials are better suited for certain tasks and may provide better handling or durability. So! have a go Onn with the Rugged Phablet.Tabet of Quadcore MPK CPU priced at $140 having sales of 10K per month.

Business Card:

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Acer Iconia B1 on MT8317T Dualcore 1.2GHz

Posted by m@ddy – September 1, 2013

The 7" Iconia B1 mediatech Tablet from Acer 'fits life on the go' as its tag. Already launched in the market .The Iconia B1 Series makes the journey as rewarding as the destination. At just 7" and about 320 grams, A forward facing VGA camera is placed on the upper right side of the front panel above the 7.0-inch display (600 x 1024 pixels).A micro USB port is located at the bottom of the B1 with a power/sleep button on the upper end of the right side followed by the volume rocker. The earphone socket is located at the top. A little compartment at the bottom near the USB port can be pried open to reveal a well-concealed Micro SD card slot this tablet is small enough to slip easily into your commuting bag, yet big enough to provide a fine view of your favourite media. Read e books and magazines, watch videos, play games -- and enjoy every moment!

Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly
MTK 8317T
Dual-core 1.2 GHz
microSD, up to 32 GB
8/16 GB, 512 MB RAM
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
microUSB v2.0
600 x 1024 pixels, 7.0 inches (~170 ppi pixel density)

Reference Link:

Orango Technology Allwinner Based Android Tablets

Posted by juliusaugustus – August 31, 2013

Shenzhen Orango Technology is a small manufacturer of Android based tablets. Orango has a factory that employs about 200 people.
Android Tablets Shown
10" Quad core Tablet with an Allwinner A31 processor. The price is around 150 USD for this model.
7" Quad core Tablet with an Allwinner A31s processor. The price is around 80 USD this model.
Their most popular product is a 7" Dual core tablet with an MTK 6577 processor and 512mb of ram. This tablet offers 3g wireless functionality with dual sim. The model is a MT20 and sells for around 85 USD.
A 10" prototype tablet with a RK3188 which is to be released soon.

For those interested Orango's Website

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Sungale Tablets With Rockchip and Allwinner Processors.

Posted by juliusaugustus – August 31, 2013

Sungale Electronics is a producer of consumer electronics mainly Android Tablets. They produce for stores such as Walmart, Staples and other large box stores. They sell around 10,000 tablets each month. Their primary

Products Include:

10" IPS 1280x800 Tablet pc with an Allwinner A31 Quad Core. Such A device could potentially be sold for 110 USD for 1,000 units.

9.7" IPS non-retina with Allwinner A31 for around. Price for 88 USD for 1,000 units or 2,000 units.

8" 4:3 Rockchip dual core for 75 USD.

7" tablet with unspecified Allwinner processor.

4.3" Pmp with single core Allwinner A13. Sells for 35-36 USD.

Android set top box running on a Rockchip Rk3066 for around 56 USD

A special kitchen appliance with Android running on it with an unspecified dual core Rockchip processor. This sells for 128 USD. I uses a resistive touch screen so that gloves can be used. I myself prefer a resistive touch screen.

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