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Pinda Baby Temperature Monitoring System

Posted by stromium – October 1, 2016

Shenzhen Pinda Technologies Ltd. Has put on display their baby temperature sensor. It resembles a watch and is meant to be strapped to the baby’s arm. The supporting app on the mobile device shows a host of functions such as temperature readouts, alarm settings in case of temperature variations, and so on. They also manufacture Bluetooth speakers and wireless chargers.

Eswing Electric Scooter with 50km range

Posted by stromium – October 1, 2016

Shenzhen XinLi Technology Co., Limited, registered as Eswing, is a ShenZhen-based manufacturer of electric mobility products. On display here are their electric scooters that use Samsung batteries and provide a range as high as 50km. The cost for one ranges from US$300 to US$1300. The company is more than five years old, has reported massive market size increases (over 2000% for one of their scooters) and sells about 3000 units a month.

Meccano Robots

Posted by stromium – September 25, 2016

Meccano has displayed their new robots here dubbed Meccano G16, and the Meccanoid G16-KS (Kid-sized). Programming is possible through the app or voice recognition. Programming can be done to sing, talk and dance. The smallest model is expected to retail for US$40, US$140 for the medium size model, and US$400 for the biggest model.

BenQ Smart Window, transparent, opaque, translucent..

Posted by stromium – September 25, 2016

BenQ demonstrates their smart window concept that allows a transparent pane to turn opaque on passing a current through it. The display room shown here also demonstrates their H.A.D.E.S. system, a network of devices that allows one to control window opacity, ceiling light intensity (lit by LEDs), and a privacy window that blocks light from outside but allows users from inside to see out. Power consumption for the prototype is 10mW/m^2.

AirButton NFC multi-functional button

Posted by stromium – September 25, 2016

Air Button is an NFC patch that can be stuck on to the NFC region on one’s smartphone. The only requirement is that the phone itself have NFC; here we see the Button demonstrated on a Sony Xperia Z1, being used to launch the camera application as well as take a picture with the same button. It uses its own app and can launch any installed phone app, audio file, or even a sequence of actions. The company is founded in Hong Kong, and has successfully completed their crowdfunding attempt on Kickstarter.

Airboard personal mobility scooter from Motor Norway, FreeGoChina scooter

Posted by stromium – September 25, 2016

The primary scooter shown here is the Airboard, product of a company from Norway. This scooter is meant to be intuitive to use; the only way of controlling it is to lean forward or backward depending on the direction on wants to travel in. There are some bugs with the scooter but they are easy to sort out. The company, Motor Norway, also manufactures dirtbikes, ATVs, electric bicycles and scooters in addition to the AirBoard. It is not fit for outdoor/winter use, though. We also see a few other manufacturers such as FreeGoChina displaying their personal mobility products.

CarDroid auto data logging and diagnostics module

Posted by stromium – September 25, 2016

CarDroid is a solution used to gather data in real time from a running car, and log this data onto the microSD card that can be mounted inside. Featuring 4GB of internal memory, microSIM card slot, GPS for positioning, two WiFi modules in case there is no WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth and a standard OBD-II port for connecting to the car’s diagnostic features, the CarDroid costs US$150 and is meant to track car location, detect theft and break-ins, in addition to displaying real time data such as speed. It uses an ARM Cortex-M3 CPU.

Avaid wireless charging phone case

Posted by stromium – September 25, 2016

Avaid Technology Co., Ltd, based in Shezhen, China, is a company that here displays their phone case, lending wireless charging capacity to phones that weren’t designed to incorporate the feature. The displayed model is an iPhone 6 Plus placed on a 5000mAh power bank, charging wirelessly through the case in multiple orientations. With an MoQ of 1000 pieces, the charger is expected to cost US$19.5.The company also manufactures DVD players and speakers that double up as lights.

Freelander foldable electric scooter

Posted by stromium – September 25, 2016

Freelander is a Shenzhen-based company that demonstrates their own electric scooter. Being foldable in design, the X70 scooter is opened up and used briefly. It can last for 25-30km before dying out, and is expected to cost US$260 per piece on a minimum order of 100. The scooter can be specified in various colours. The company also makes a scooter akin to the Airboard from Motor Norway, selling for US$160 with a minimum quantity of 100. It uses aircraft grade materials and weighs 8.2kg.

Innodoo RCKCOM smartwatch, bicycle-mounted headlight + music player

Posted by stromium – September 20, 2016

Innodoo, a part of RCK Communications Ltd, makes smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers, both of which are displayed in their booth here. The smartwatch seems to feature a normal watch dial with Bluetooth connectivity, vibration functions and LEDs that light up to indicate various things. For example, tapping the dial of the watch flashes LEDs to indicate the percentage of the daily walking steps target achieved. The Bluetooth speakers showcased use BT 4.0, a unique stereo configuration (though the host device only sees one BT speaker). Lastly they have on display their LED light meant for bicycles, which also doubles up as a music player through its SD card slot.