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CMO Forum at SID Display Week 2017

Posted by Charbax – August 11, 2017

At the second CMO Forum, a panel of global experts discuss the opportunities and challenges of taking sales and marketing to the next level in a highly correlated industry, from content creation to display. The panelists include:
- Justin Kalvitz, Senior Vice President, Kent Displays
- Sri Subramanian, Senior Vice President, Technicolor
- Mark Verrall, Senior Vice President, Merck
- Bahar Wadia, CEO, Visionox, USA

Nomad Anti-Smudge/Reflective Coating

Posted by juliusaugustus – August 8, 2017

Nomad is anti-smudge/reflective coating for smartphones that applied using a coating and layering.  The coating reduces reflections by 85% and increases outdoor visibility. Filmed at the I-Zone startups and New Tech Demos area at the SID Display Week.

Glowfilm Film Layer by Super Image Technologies

Posted by juliusaugustus – August 6, 2017

Super Image projection technologies glowfilm is a technology that enables any piece of glass to be a transparent digital display. The technology uses a transparent emissive film that can be applied to any piece of glass. For example, car Windows be turned into displays using this technology. It can also turn home windows into displays for decoration. The technology can even be used to manufacture televisions by using projectors and glass. Filmed at the I-Zone startups and New Tech Demos area at the SID Display Week.

360 video: Usain Bolt Bronze Last 100m Final at IAAF World Championships London 2017 #IAAFworlds

Posted by Charbax – August 6, 2017

Here you can see the 360-degree view filmed from my 1080p Shuoying 360-degree camera on my head. Hopefully the field is visible it might not be because of the contrast, the bright lights on the field. But at least you can see a bit of the atmosphere and the people who were sitting around me. The excitement and the shock to see Usain Bolt lose out by 0.03 seconds to Justin Gatlin from the USA (who has been banned twice from Athletics for taking doping drugs) and losing by 0.01 to Christian Coleman from the USA. The whole stadium was hoping for Usain Bolt to finish his career with a Gold medal at the World Championship 100m. For the best experience of this 360 video, you can watch this video using the free Google Cardboard or similar cheap VR adapter for your phone and using YouTube you can click to split up the video for each eye. The camera I used is the Shuoying 360 camera the 1080p model you can see my Shuoying factory tour here, they are also working on a 4K version which you can watch a video about here #IAAFworlds Thanks S. on Gumtree for the amazing ticket at face value!

Sun Yat-Sen 3D Lightfield Technology

Posted by juliusaugustus – August 3, 2017

Focus convergence conflict (AC-conflict or VAC) is the main visual bottleneck of 3D and virtual reality technology. 3D Lightfield technology overcomes the focus - convergence conflict problem. The light field 3D is simple in optical structure, which enables 3D rendering of full-resolution of a light field without a significant increase in the amount of data. The observer can receive real 3D spatial scenes and focus on any depth of the scene. Filmed at the I-Zone startups and New Tech Demos area at the SID Display Week.

Six Degrees Space sub-millisecond Optical rotation sensor for Nausea-free VR/AR/MR

Posted by Charbax – July 21, 2017

Six Degrees Space high speed tracking technology has the potential to eliminate the user nausea that is currently one of the biggest barriers to widespread market penetration of VR/AR/MR technology. They are currently developing a revolutionary, high-accuracy, high-speed, inside-out optical rotation sensor for VR applications, working towards a full 6dof product. Locking onto room illumination features, the sensor provides a drift-free bearing output with true sub-millisecond latency. In addition to VR/AR application, the sensor can be adapted to be used in any application that requires a high speed response based on an existing light source. Filmed at the I-Zone startups and New Tech Demos area at the SID Display Week.

PI-SCALE, European Flexible OLED pilot line

Posted by Charbax – July 21, 2017

PI-SCALE is an open access pilot line offering world class capability in customizable flexible OLED lighting, enabling the latest in flexible OLED lighting innovations to be quickly turned from R&D to mass manufacturing. The pilot line brings together Europe’s experts and state-of-the-art infrastructure for flexible OLED fabrication. The light features they offer are unique in the world and the service they provide allows their customers in the automotive, design lighting, and other industries to make first-of-a-kind innovative products and bring them to a level where they are ready to be transferred to a mass production facility. Filmed at the I-Zone New Ideas and Startup area at the SID Display Week.

Flexible OLED Displays by New Vision at I-Zone of SID Display Week

Posted by juliusaugustus – July 19, 2017

New Vision is a startup spinning out of the South China University of Guangzhou China showing their plastics based flexible AMOLED technology using an oxide TFT backplate, enabling entirely new designs of electronics as new categories of products with flexible unbreakable displays can be made. Nuvision currently shows 400ppi Flexible AMOLED but they will also be able to soon present Flexible OLED with pixel densities of up to 1000ppi. Filmed at the I-Zone startups and New Tech Demos area at the SID Display Week.

Candlelight OLED (Blue hazardous free) by the National TsingHua University

Posted by Charbax – July 19, 2017

Deepak Kumar Dubey, Research scholar at the Nano Organic Photonics Devices Lab, Dept. of Material Science & Engineering at the National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan presents their Blue hazardous free Candle light-style organic light emitting diode based lamp. Increasing studies report that blue light to possess a potential hazard to the retina of human eyes, secretion of melatonin and artworks. To devise a human and artwork-friendly light source and to also trigger a "Lighting Renaissance", they demonstrate here how to enable a quality, blue-hazard free general lighting source on basis of low color-temperature organic light emitting diodes. This blue-hazard free candlelight OLED desk lamp (2,000K) is made by the collaborative effort of National Tsing Hua University and WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. It is presumably 20 times safer in terms of retinal protection and 10 times better for melatonin generation as compared with the 5000K blue light-enriched white light. It is friendly to human eyes, physiologies, artifacts, ecosystems, the environment, and night skies, besides being free from UV, flickering and glare etc.

Holographic Thermal Floating Image by Yamamoto University

Posted by juliusaugustus – July 18, 2017

Floating image displays can provide a tactile response in the form temperature transmission. For example an image of a fire can make you feel heat while an image of a snowflake provides a cold feeling. Infinity mirror air provides project light source vertically and horizontally using a small strip of light. Yamamoto university also has technology for projecting 3D objects into its hologram. Filmed at the I-Zone New Ideas and Startup area at the SID Display Week.