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Neostra Onda Android Tablets

Posted by Charbax – January 18, 2011

They use Rockchip ARM9 and Telechips ARM11 in these approximately $100 bulk priced 7"and 8" Android Tablets.

Dwco Android Tablets

Posted by Charbax – January 16, 2011

Dwco Electronics Limited is showing an 8" resistive tablet, as well as 7" and 10" Rockchip powered tablets.

Pierre Cardin 9.7″ and 7″ Android Tablets

Posted by Charbax – January 15, 2011

Pierre Cardin Communication Electronics also called Shenzhen Vogues Industries are showing these new interesting Android tablets, one is 9.7" same LG IPS capacitive panel as on iPad running on Rockchip RK29xx series with front and back cameras, another tablet is 7" capacitive Samsung ARM Cortex-A8 Hummingbird tablet to be sold at $150 in bulk, and they also make a probably cheap 3.5" Qualcomm MSM7227 mobile phone as well. Newsmy Rockchip powered Android Tablet “kindle clone design”

Posted by Charbax – January 15, 2011

Rockchip was powering about 50 Android tablets at CES 2011, Nate the Great liked this Android tablet design presented by Newsmy at the Rockchip booth:

This video was posted at: Gajah BK 7009 Android tablet

Posted by Charbax – January 15, 2011

Nate the Great found this Gajah BK7009 7" Android tablet with a customized Android UI for e-reader mode:

This video was posted at:

Zaidtek E7 and Zaidtek H7 Android Tablets

Posted by Charbax – January 14, 2011

Zaidtek E7 is an ARM11 Qualcomm MSM7227 based Android 2.1 capacitive tablet. You can notice that it looks similar to the Aigo N700 tablet that I posted earlier. This video also features the Zaidtek H7 Rockchip ARM9 RK2818 Android tablet. Prices are $350 and $250 respectively both including the built-in 3G modem for bulk orders of at least 200 pieces.

Ocean Star 1024×600 7″ capacitive Rockchip RK2818 Android Tablet

Posted by Charbax – January 8, 2011

This tablet comes for $140 in bulk with a 3G option for $50 more or a 800x480 resistive/capacitive downgrade for $25/15 less.

Archos 101 Home Tablet, possibly cheapest 10″ capacitive ARM Cortex-A8 tablet

Posted by Charbax – January 7, 2011

Rockchip RK29xx based 10.1" capacitive Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet. It may cost something like $199 at retail, price is to be confirmed by Archos once this product is ready to be released. Release depends approximately on Rockchip being able to mass manufacture and deliver their new RK2918 ARM Cortex-A8 high performance yet affordable processor.

Rockchip presents RK2818 and RK29xx series Processors at CES 2011

Posted by Charbax – January 7, 2011

Rockchip is doing some awesome work to provide ARM Processor platforms highly integrated with stable turn key solution Android software at very cost effective prices, thus they are powering many of the cheap affordable and usable Android tablets and other devices coming up including Laptops, Set-top-boxes, Mobile Phones and more.

Rockchip RK2818 and RK29 demonstrated and explained

Posted by Charbax – December 27, 2010

Rockchip released their next generation of ARM9 based processor RK2818 and are teasing their next generation ARM Cortex-A8 RK29 to be shown by CES. RK2818 can be made with up to 1ghz frequency, supports more and faster RAM memory, comes with a fast DSP and GPU core to accelerate graphics and user interfaces. This new Rockchip processor makes it possible to run up to Android 2.1 on cheaper tablets such as the new $149 (possibly $179 with margins) capacitive Archos 7 Home Tablet v2, and have them perform better for web browsing than their previous generation ARM9 RK2808 processor, video playback and other things are also improved. Rockchip's next gen RK29, to be showcased at CES, they say is ARM Cortex-A8 better than Apple A4, with 1080p encode/decode, 30 million triangles.