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LG Optimus L3

Posted by – February 29, 2012

Likely a sub-$99 Android phone from LG based on the new low cost high-performance Qualcomm MSM7225A ARM Cortex-A5 processor.

Panasonic Eluga Power, Qualcomm Krait S4 MSM8960, 5″ 720p LCD screen

Posted by – February 29, 2012

Check out this awesome looking new 5" Panasonic phone running Ice Cream Sandwich on the next generation Qualcomm MSM8960 Krait processor, with NFC, it's Waterproof.

Ephone S8, Qualcomm MSM7227A, $130

Posted by – February 29, 2012

The new Qualcomm MSM7227A ARM Cortex-A5 processor is reaching the cheap Shenzhen based Smartphones market. This ARM Cortex-A5 processor might benchmark even above some ARM Cortex-A8 processors yet is targetted for the cheap smartphones market!

ZTE Mimosa X and ZTE Acqua

Posted by – February 28, 2012

Possibly the cheapest Tegra2 phone in ZTE Mimosa X and a likely affordable MSM7227A ARM Cortex-A5 device in the ZTE Acqua.

LG Optimus Vu

Posted by – February 27, 2012

LG unveils this new huge awesome LG Optimus Vu phone. Here's an overview of some of its crazy features. Big phone yeah!

LG Optimus Vu vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Posted by – February 27, 2012

Here's a video showing the screen quality and size differences between the LG Optimus Vu, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.


Posted by – February 27, 2012

4.3" WVGA Super AMOLED, Qualcomm S4 Krait MSM8960 1.5Ghz Dual-core processor.


Posted by – February 27, 2012

3.7" WVGA Unibody HTC phone with the Qualcomm 1Ghz processor.

Sony Xperia S

Posted by – February 26, 2012

Here's the new flagship Sony Android phone. With a 4.3" 720p screen, a Dual-core Qualcomm S3 MSM8260 1.5Ghz processor.

Sony Xperia NXT Series launched at Mobile World Congress 2012

Posted by – February 26, 2012

Sony presents their new range of Xperia NXT Android Smartphones, S with 4.3" 720p screen Qualcomm MSM8260 processor, P with 4" QHD BrightWhite screen ST-Ericsson U9500 Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9, and U with a 3.5" FWVGA screen interactive LED lights and ST-Ericsson U9500.