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General Motors Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system

Posted by Charbax – January 16, 2013

Chevrolet announces Apple Siri integration in their cars, showing off the Chevy Volt and Chevy Spark semi-electric cars (short range Electric battery with gasoline power for the rest).

Audi Self-driving car, CES 2013 booth tour

Posted by Charbax – January 14, 2013

This video features the Audi R18 e-tron quattro, Audi RS5 convertible, Audi Q7 3.0 quattro Surround Sound Concept car, automatic high-beam assistant brights, Audi's auto pilot: Self-parking and Audi Self-driving, Audi 3D display (automatic barrier glasses free 3D following your eyes), Audi Connect (My Audi portal), Audi A3 Simulator and more.

Kia Uvo, in-car infotainment system with advanced voice- and touch-activated features

Posted by Charbax – January 14, 2013

Access your Bluetooth-enabled phone and make hands-free calls and stream your music just by saying the command.

Nvidia Tegra4, Shield, Grid and Cars at CES 2013

Posted by Charbax – January 9, 2013

Nvidia launches the new Tegra4, the cloud computing gaming grid and shows how Tegra is used in a couple of cars.

Tourism Radio guides talk as you drive

Posted by Charbax – December 8, 2012

Renault has partnered with South African travel tech company Tourism Radio to create in-car virtual audio guides for all their vehicles through their soon to be released R-Link embeded in car system.

Paypal Check In and Pay demonstrated at LeWeb 2012

Posted by Charbax – December 7, 2012

Paypal launches a new way to pay for things easily and quickly using a check-process on your smartphone or tablet. Go to the restaurant, launch check in on your paypal app, it launches the restaurant's menu, you click on the app to order, the server comes with the food, you leave, you've already paid. This removes 66% of the waiters effort. Go to a cafe, check-in on paypal, they know you want a cappuccino, you get it quickly and leave, no cash, no confirmation, no anything. You park your car, check in on paypal, that's it, you're paying for your car park until you check-out, take the car and leave.

You can watch Paypal CEO, David Marcus's keynote at LeWeb 2012 here:

Papago Car DVR at the HKTDC Electronics Fair

Posted by Charbax – October 18, 2012

Papago releases a Car video recorder that ads GPS to record speed, direction, coordinates, and they also have image detection technology.

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carzapp, new cheaper Internet based car sharing system

Posted by Charbax – March 10, 2012

carzapp provides a new cheaper mobile Internet connected locking system, so you can open your car using any smartphone if they give you the authorization for it, you can then add your car to the car sharing network and earn up to $2000 per month (if you have a cool car that many people want to use). They take care of 100% of the insurance for when your car is used by a user. You can choose the price per hour, price per day, you can pick and choose which people or which kind of people can use it (how verified each user is, I guess). Some regions can add up to thousands of electric cars on that car sharing network. The price can be as low as $4 per hour, you can park it based on where the owner wants to park it, or it can also happen that you can just park it wherever you want.

Freescale shows i.MX6 for auto/aero-infotainment with long term support

Posted by Charbax – January 19, 2012

Freescale is showing the next generation i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9 based in-car infotainment system. Freescale promises to provide 15 years of support for the chip, meaning that car manufacturers can feel confident using the i.MX6 in cars and airplanes, as it takes multiple years to make those, Freescale promises to still manufacture the same processor 15 years from now. They optimize features for cars such as using sensors and cameras for better car safety. Freescale is a global leader in producing processors used in cars.

Renault’s role in web technology, encouraging Android app ecosystem for the car and more

Posted by Charbax – December 8, 2011

Matthieu Tenenbaum talks about some of the things they Renault is doing to encourage more technological integration in the car.