Gary Smith EDA’s impressions on ARM Techcon 2012

Posted by Charbax – November 2, 2012

Industry Analyst Gary Smith of talks about what's happening in the ARM industry, electronic design automation, ARM is defining the new heterogeneous architecture for the future using the ARM Connected Community. You can also watch my videos with Gary Smith from ARM Techcon 2011 and from ARM Techcon 2010.

  • Iso9660

    Please, next time don’t move the camera.

  • Maventwo

    Innteresting to hear Gary Smith´s views on Techcon and his life experience and know-how about past and his predictions of future for x86 vs ARM heterogenous architecture.

    Think of Intel Fellow Mark Bohr´s former discrediting of the Foundry model
    vs Gary Smith´s words of ARM community of many developers and makers in this interview.

    It is easy to understand that Intels model of owning it´s own Fabs vs the Foundry model,

    that the Foundry model will win because of the cost of owning it´s own Fabs.

  • Maventwo

    One thing that Gary Smith didn´t mention was the development towards 2,5D and 3D with much more integration of SoC and RAM-memory and other solid memories like ReRAM (Memristor is a kind of ReRAM) which is coming forthcoming years.

    2,5D and 3D will make ARM and now Imaging Technologies acquisition of MIPS
    much more competitive to Intel than no develompment towards 2,5D and 3D.

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