Pixel Qi at CES 2012

Posted by Charbax – January 17, 2012

The 1280x800 10.1" Pixel Qi screen is ready, here it is demonstrated under a bright spotlight simulating the sun as well as in some prototypes of upcoming Android tablets. Founder, CEO and inventor Mary Lou Jepsen talks about the latest news from Pixel Qi, where they are going, what they are up to.

  • Maventwo

    Great, now PixelQi have some different sizes of their display tech.

    Mary Lou says in this video “unfortunatly we are not in the iPad business” but what says that iPad will be largest tablet pc on the market for ever?

    I believe that 7″ in display size is enought for ebook readers but not for tablet pc where they must be at least 10″ for not to be too little if you Swype or use Shapewriter on the tablet.

    PixelQi should combine their displays with Flexlighting superthin backlighting tech.

    Rambus have a similar superthin backlightning tech thats called LED Edge-Lit.

    With both Flexlighting and Rambus LED Edge-Lit superthin backlighting technologies LCD displays can be very thin.

  • Good interview.  You got some good descriptions of technical issues Pixel Qi deals with like getting fab capacity and dealing with light.

  • did 
    Mary Lou already put some  photovoltaic cells into a very interesting location: Behind your display to reclaim power by making use of all that (massively reduced in PQ’s case OC) wasted available back light for free plus making use of any other harvested energy devices already on the market , perhaps they have some hybrid option back in the lab!

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