Test driving the Renault Twizy Electric Car

Posted by Charbax – December 7, 2011

This is an awesome compact electric car, safer than a motorbike, smaller than a car, it's being sold at around 7000 euros (first deliveries to happen before March 2012), it's smooth and fast to drive around with, range is enough for most city driving use.

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  • An electric motor generally can produce high torque forces even at low revolution. Due to the high turning force, the car will be able to move even though it is in second, third or fourth gear. Therefore it is always a good idea to select a donor car with a manual transmission for an EV retrofitting project.

  • We saw an indicated 85km/h (53mph) on a long straight, but the
    windscreen and side deflectors kept the draughts at bay. There’s no need
    for a crash helmet as the Twizy is officially a quadricycle or small
    car, but there’s a belt loop for your right shoulder to augment the
    standard lap-and-diagonal seatbelt which passes over your left shoulder.
    The steering and brakes are go-kart positive, although the steering is
    slower-geared for easy parking in impossible spaces, while the low
    centre of gravity minimises body roll and the ride is pretty smooth.