Android phones currently sell more than 2x faster than the iPhone in the US

Posted by Charbax – November 1, 2010

Numbers for Q3 smart phone sales in the US market are currently being released by market analysis companies such as NPD and Canalys. The main graph to look at is following:

This confirms my predictions that Android smart phones are selling more than double as many smart phones per day than Apple iPhone in Q3 (considering even that the iPhone4 was released during this quarter) and possibly the rate will be closer to 4x as many by Christmas time.

Things will further accelerate in Android's favor once cheaper Android phones are commonly available to all consumers. Once people can easily buy a $199 Android phone out of contract, on a pre-paid plan offered by major US carriers as well as pre-paid specialist carriers such as Virgin Mobile and MetroPCS.

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  • Anonymous

    Ok, one glaring fact in there. There are only 3 products that use iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad…oh and Apple TV I guess). Now flip over to Android and there are about 40 different phones shipping with the OS. iOS is a custom version of Mac OSX built to run on ARM processors and is exclusive to Apple. Android is a free linux distribution built to run on ARM processors.

    Now, why are people surprised that Android is “selling” more? If it’s on more devices, it will naturally have a larger install base. I have come across people that aren’t even aware that Android is the OS, they just think it’s another company name at the start up! Another point, it seems that you don’t care for Apple, why is this? All of the iOS products use an ARM CPU!

  • The diversity of choices for Android hardware is exactly its strengh, it’s the reason why it is becoming so popular so fast and that is why I am a huge fanboy of Android and not so much of apple.

    I don’t support apple’s anti-competitive ways to use ARM (itunes, walled gardens, closed OS and features, non-compete clauses all over the platform etc).

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  • I knew they were doing better. I love my Android device! but then, I also like my iPad. OOH THE ISSUES!